Seltjarnarnes, Iceland, January 2016

My core research interest is modern Hong Kong, which is the less than straightfoward conclusion that I arrived at through a wayward undergraduate degree in computer science and a not-quite-in-the-nick-of-time flurry of condensed and rather ecletic training in literary, ethnic, film, and area studies. My approach to all texts and events is informed by the theoretically ambivalent, confusing, and indeed self-contradictory notion of nationality as it straddles the uneasy boundary between a universalist rhetoric of inclusion on the one hand, and actual, lived experiences of negotiation and intolerance on the other. As I’ve chosen to narrate it despite my great anxiety, my itinerant undergraduate experience was a confused attempt to mine for new perspectives on the worldwide experience of national becoming.

I’m a card-carrying member of the Star Alliance paying my dues on the latest error fare out of EWR.

Other things I love include: naengmyeon 냉면, TVB dramas, my Dutch oven, and $2 chili dogs at Triumph.

I’m always on social media @andrewctran. Let’s grab coffee and talk about what that ‘c’ stands for.