TV Everywhere

Premium cable networks like HBO and MSOs like Comcast have attempted to brand online content as an additional feature alongside their conventional services.

It’s not.

DVR, OnDemand, TV Everywhere, or whatever the hell they’ve decided to brand streaming content as, is known to the rest of the internet as…VIDEO.

Rebranding these online “features” is only making networks look even more outdated than they already are. The ability to watch content over the Internet isn’t a feature: it’s your product.

HBO Go? It sounds just about as old as Father Time himself. Just call it HBO. You’re only showing your age as a brand.

What does Netflix call its iOS app? Netflix. What about its Android app? Netflix. Its web app? Netflix. And its by-mail service? Netflix.

That’s the beauty of device agnosticism.

Instead of creating a cohesive content experience for customers, networks are confusing and splintering the experience for consumers of platforms.

No one cares why they can only watch some content on their iPad and not on their laptop, and vice-versa.

Nobody under the age of 30 makes the distinction between video and TV. Watching a television show on the internet is just that.